unwstd. is the future of socialising. we're about social wellness: socialising that's good for you & never the opposite. We’re a community for people who give af — the dreamers, the doers, and the entrepreneurs. We're for spending less time nursing hangovers and more time nursing passions, for choosing how we spend our time and where we spend our money, for moving our bodies and slowing down our minds. We believe that clear-headed mornings and late nights getting dizzy with conversation are the surest ways to feel alive, and that having purpose means being part of something bigger than ourselves.

Hi, I'm Trish & I leapt into this alcohol free journey
after a family member attempted suicide.

Mentally I had hit rock bottom but I saw it as a way to
rebuild myself around what truly filled me up. I had no
interest in wasting anymore time being hungover or
sitting around in bars making memories I would forget.

I never looked back...

I left my old life behind, moved across the world and
started using my time to explore. Scuba diving,
sailing, surfing, climbing, reading. I swapped late nights
for early sunrises.  Drunken conversations for
conversations with meaning & connection.
Whether you're committed to this lifestyle,
exploring what it means to drink a bit less
or you're just peaking around, welcome.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

We are stoked to have you.

good drinks

+    We'd be lying if we told you we don't like to kick back with a wine now and then - but we take ours alcohol free!

good conversations

+    Humans are wired for connection. Alcohol inhibits the brain's ability to connect. We're here to make friends without alcohol as a barrier in between.

good times

+    unwstd. is getting drunk on life, our events are about fostering real connections in a community of support & encouragement.

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