Wine Pairing with Mcguigan Wines

The holidays are upon us, which is mostly exciting but a bit stressful too. We totally understand! Preparing, cooking, hosting…it can be overwhelming! We are here to make your life a bit easier this holiday season. We now offer Mcguigan’s Non-Alcoholic range of wines that will seriously make you question whether or not its actually wine. This is the perfect buy for your alcohol-free friends and family, or maybe just taking a break from the real wine when things start to get a bit blurry…It’s a win win really!

Here are the wine’s we currently offer in our online bottle shop! Plus, what they could be paired with to take your holiday celebration to the next level…and it might look like you actually know something about wine.

Currently, we offer a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Shiraz, and a Sparkling Champagne.

pairs perfectly with:

-creamy dishes such as soup’s or casseroles
-fish and shellfish
-turkey and chicken
-pasta dishes

Sauvignon Blanc
pairs perfectly with:

-soft cheeses
-vegetable dishes
-dishes with green herbs such as parsley, basil, mint
-chicken, turkey, pork

pairs perfectly with:

-barbeque, especially ribs
-braised beef
-hard cheeses
-duck and Lamb
-grilled Vegetables

pairs perfectly with:

-light salads
-light pasta
-rice dishes
-raw shellfish
-grilled fish

pairs perfectly with:

-citrus dishes

We hope you have a happy holiday season with little stress, and more fun!

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