Realising My Potential Without Alcohol

This new exciting lifestyle would have most likely made its introduction around your teen years. The deeper you dwelled, the better you thought you felt. Little did you care about the detrimental consequences that follow. The countless nights of vague memories accompanied by regrettable actions you can only wish be undone. The inability to walk or talk as you normally would. The days you’ll wake up to, feeling absolutely hazy and repeatedly telling yourself that this needs to come to an end. Yet, you’ll be surprised how common this lifestyle choice is among society. Although, as bad as this may sound, those won’t be your biggest issues. The blurred memories and faint consciousness can somewhat be regained slowly but surely, one way or another. The one invaluable thing that will forever be out of reach is - TIME.

My memory of that day was as blurry as the photo taken. If you must know, that was at 9 in the morning during a bender. That glass of Scotch was not my first drink of the day and it definitely wasn’t my last either. For about a decade wasted (literally!) putting my life at risk for the sake of “enjoying while I’m young”. Awfully little achieved with never a clear sense of direction in life. Harsh but true. Though, by sheer dumb luck, I somehow managed to crawl out of this with the epiphany that a change was urgently necessary. I needed and wanted a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment that was beyond winning a game of beer-pong. Learn new things, see new places and try spending weekends differently. When people tell you that you’re still young and should live your life, tell yourself, why not live it with a bit more purpose.

Go on a hike, read a book, learn to cook, or simply pick up a pen and paper. Try to consider new objects as a social tool rather than just a can or bottle. You’ll be surprised by how much time can be spent with just a pen and paper. For instance, I know that my writing skills were somewhat below par, so I started drawing cartoon characters based on people I know. The goal wasn’t to be great at something but mostly to utilize time for one’s self. Just gotta start from somewhere and it’ll ultimately lead to some form of self progression. The outcome of this change will guarantee to blow your mind.

All in all, it honestly comes down to being strong-willed and opening one’s eyes to the bigger picture. I have zero intention to educate or cause fear with any of our drinking habits but my only advice is to tread wisely. Knowing your limits is key. As of today, I still have a drink or two but only on notable occasions. It hasn’t and never will become a daily to weekly affair like it used to, nor will I ever put myself in a harmful state, physically and mentally. A rare opportunity for change presented itself. Seizing it was and still is the only rational thing to do. I wouldn’t risk having to go through all that again. There’s a saying that time waits for no man, and it is a gospel truth, as I only got lucky that there was still time for me to do something about it.