No Hangover Club: Megan Loader

Hi everyone! I’m @positivelymeg and I have been alcohol and hangover free for 14 months. I started my journey in a very dark place with severe depression, but I knew that alcohol was making this worse. I decided to go alcohol free for three months initially which meant a huge change to my life because I was the party girl, I never knew when to stop and I was known for burning the candle at both ends. People often forget that there is a different side to the party people, the side when they are at home and for me that was a very dark, sad place.
Normally I say to people, I had an emotional dependency, not a physical one. Drunk Megan has a name, my friends used to call her “The Mess” because that is exactly what she was. She was sloppy, unpredictable, rude, impatient, irresponsible, and relied on the liquid confidence of alcohol. Sober Megan is strong, brave, motivated, confident, kind, patient and most importantly…fun.
As a retired party girl, I think it is natural to worry about the “fun” in your life and where you will find it. This is a misconception because I have had more fun. Fun that is authentic and real, fun that I can remember and be proud of. People who drink regularly, usually find this difficult to understand and I know that because I was that person… “you’re not drinking, are you mad?” would be something I would have said on the regular and I am okay with admitting that I was a drink pusher. I wanted everyone around me to be as drunk as I was.
I have learnt we are all on our journeys with being alcohol free, we will all face something different and it is important to figure out what works for you. People will have opinions on your decision because people have opinions about everything, but I learnt very quickly that I am in control of my own life. The people who care deeply about you will support you and the ones who choose not you do not need in your life anyway.
To anyone who is thinking of going alcohol free, I urge you to try it. It will open your eyes to an amazing reality that you were previously missing. Explore the support of Instagram, make new friends and keep track of how you feel. You won’t regret it.