No Hangover Club: Alexandra Talbot

Alex Talbot

In recovery you find yourself, but how can one find something they never lost? I started to use and booze at 10, and no clue where along the line it went from recreational use to daily habitual abuse. A party until a party no more, and Alex party of 1. In hindsight, the further I get in my recovery, uncovering, discovering and recovering myself daily, daddy abandonment issues and an identity crisis from a young age as a woman of mixed origin fed my need for validation, to fit in, be a part of, feel wanted, liked and loved. Addiction doesn’t discriminate, looking for acceptance, love and happiness in all the wrong places: the next baggy of coke, bottom of the bottle, guy I’d fuck or frequent. A debaucherous life-style, slowly and silently killing and ruining myself on all levels. Drugging and drinking were the norm, my very identity, priding myself on the fact that I could out snort, drink, fuck and party the best of them, glorifying it.

My rebirth date: April 22, 2017. That life of addiction I led for 28 yrs, if you can call it that, no longer served a purpose and the woman I once was ceased to exist. Sick of my bullshit ways and life, I removed my head that was so forgone up my ass and got woke AF. That day, unbeknownst to me, my entire world changed. In retrospect, I had a complete lack of self-respect, disregard for my health and wellness and was stripped of any dignity I ever had. 

I work a trifecta program today, fitness and nutrition proving viable approaches to my recovery, complemented by my program. It’s about bringing my fitness to a whole new level – brain fit, body fit, spirit fit, can’t have one without the other. I’m now a certified health and lifestyle coach, competitive bodybuilder, and head coach and founder of @soberactivecanada a nationwide recovery-based community for those addicted to bettering themselves, open to all As, all ways – any addiction, stage and pathway to recovery.

This is no diet, it’s a lifestyle change, and it’s not about the weight lost, but the life gained. Half the size, but 2x the woman, mother and individual I ever was, reaching my optimal health and wellness goals to be the best version of me for myself and my daughter. I’m no longer a human doing but being, nor merely existing but living. My journey towards healthy living life large (healthyXXL) is about me being the mother she so deserves, creating a quality of life for us in which we can both grow, prosper and thrive, being our best possible selves and actually living our absolute best lives.

Recovery is a lifestyle – my life, my style now – and if I can do it, you can do it. You’re the best project you’ll ever work on and are so very worthy of a life well lived – we all are. The goal not to be sober, but to love yourself enough to live an addiction- or alcohol-free life.