No Hangover Club: Abbey Roberts

Abbey and alcohol do not get all. 
Instead of worrying about how I'd feel in the morning or who I'd upset next, I was just more worried about what and where I'd be drinking next. It was a constant battle it felt like and the more I drank, the worse the anxiety became..well 'hangxiety' if you will. But it was all about the progression of it. 
16 years old- sneaking drinks at friend's homes.
18 years old- Drinking a little more on weekends.
20 - drinking any chance I got.
22- blacking out every time I drank.
24- Googling "why can't I stop drinking?"
26- finally deciding to put myself first.
I had to get real honest with myself. Admitting I had a problem was the first step and reaching out was the next. Ups and downs, too many to count, but all worth it. I started my recovery journey on March 26, 2019 and it was the day that changed my life. It was the day I started to realize that I could be just fine without the constant need for alcohol in my life. And while 2020 got the best of me (and so many people in recovery) this year, I am proud to still be pushing for my sobriety. I know I can be, and have become, SO much better without it. 
No more dreadful mornings.
No more waking up and figuring out who to apologize to.
No more putting myself and others in dangerous situations.
No more spending money on things and days I can't remember. 
Learning, acknowledging and implementing. Even when I thought it was impossible (and trust me, I did) i just kept thinking about how I wanted to tomorrow to look like. I wanted it to look happy. No regrets, just me livingggg and being alcohol-free helps me achieve that and so much more!"