Need a Good Saturday Sober Sesh?

This may seem like a foreign concept to a lot of people…but an awesome Saturday session (or even Sunday) doesn’t have to require drinking. Thats right! I said it. To be honest, I’m not sure when the weekends turned into an all out rage party. Whether you’re hitting the bars, day drinking at the beach, or having a bottomless brunch with your friends, alcohol is involved more than not! BUT WHY?!

Is it because we are bored and need to let loose on the weekends? Do we not enjoy our time without alcohol as much? Are we trying to escape from the stressful week we just had? We may not have all the answers but here at unwstd. we encourage you to take back your weekends and live life on the sunny sober side. AMAZING things await!

Lets get into it! Here are some ways to make your weekend sober-satisfying that doesn’t include the dreaded question, What happened last night?

  1. Get Outdoors!!

    Become one with nature, and get your zen on. Okay, I’ll admit…that sounds a bit cringe. But seriously, getting outside and spending the day at the beach, going on a hike, or playing some badminton can be just the thing you need. It passes the time during the day, and you’ll feel more energised being in the sun or feeling the fresh breeze. Plus. who wants to spend a sunny Saturday in bed all day nursing a hangover? Not the people ready to take back their weekends, thats who!

adventure 2.jpg

2. Attend events or activities that may offer drinking, but don’t drink!

Surprise, surprise. You actually have the choice whether to pick up a frothy beer or a frothy, non-alcoholic beer. It’s a win-win really. You can still have a good time at a sober sesh AND still get up for that workout in the morning rather than canceling…yet again. So head to the bottle-o and check out all the cool non-alcoholic options, or just order some here at unwstd. We’ve got you covered.

3. Take a day trip somewhere!

If you’re a spontaneous type that craves some adventure, pack a cooler with some WATER and lunch and head out of town for a few hours. Your friends will probably want to tag along too, because, well lets face it…they want to get on the same sober level as you (hopefully). If you turn to the google to help you out, you’ll be amazed at what’s around you. Or if you aren’t a planner, just get in the car, pick a direction and off you go!

day trip 4.jpg

4. Start a new hobby!

Now that you are taking back your weekends, you can finally pursue that hobby you’ve been wanting to get into! Maybe it’s taking care of a little herb garden, learning how to carve soap into intricate designs, or baking a loaf of sourdough (because its on trend). Whatever it is, now is the time to do it! Learning new things helps us grow, but drinking…not so much.

5. Do some selfless self-care!

Take some you time and really relax. Work can be stressful, so taking time to treat yourself is one of the best things to do on the weekend to prepare you for the week ahead. Face masks, massages, organising your closet, or taking yourself out to eat is just what the doctor ordered. You definitely wont be saying, “I wish I didn’t do that,” after some time to yourself. You deserve it!

self care.jpg

Okay, we’ve given you some good ideas to get back on track and take back your weekends! Set a date, set a time, and try one or all five if you’re feeling spunky. We want you to thrive on the weekends and experience the amazing effects of a sober sesh. So take care of yourself! Say goodbye to the nasty hangovers and hello to a whole new you! (Did we just blow your mind?)

We are here for you.


the unwstd. fam