Mini vision board on Instagram

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With Chelsea Riffe

WTF is a vision board? A vision board is is any sort of visuals whether physical or digital that you intentionally put together to picture all of your goals, dreams and ambitions. This is not just fun & games. By putting together images of what we want in life and looking at it daily we are doing visual exercises to create our dream lives. Does this all sounds too ‘woo woo’? Well science says it works, even olympic athletes and the world’s top psychologists have implemented visualization practices. Why? Think about it this way - if you’re driving and you don’t know where you want to go or don’t even think about where you want to go, it’s less likely you will get to the place you want to be. Visualization allows us to actually think about and create a mental and physical image of how we want to feel and where we want to go in life. This way we can start taking the steps to get there.

Below, Mindset Coach, Chelsea Riffe, shows us a sure fire way to get your vision board started - you don’t even need to do the old school scissors or magazines method - this board is totally instagram friendly.

think about what your dream life looks like.

Is it full of beautiful scenery? luscious greenery? puppies? yoga? a zen corner? silk sheets? take a moment to really visualise this.

follow hashtags and accounts that support your dream life.

For example, follow the hashtag #travel, #wellness, or #beachyoga, and start visualising what your own experience would look like!

save images that resonate with a dream life you want to build.

go to "saved" images in your Instagram settings

create a board called "my dream life" (or something that resonates with you), shuffle around the images that make a great frame for a digital vision board, screenshot and BAM - new phone background that has your dream life right in front of you!

why is this all important?

to reprogram your subconscious. your subconscious makes up 95% of your brain activity, so you need to start feeding it data and images with the life you want to lead, so you can start to embody it! see it, believe it, feel it and it will come.