How To Manifest What You Desire

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Do you think the word “manifesting” is "new age"? Or woo woo?

Or maybe you know what it is... but can’t seem to manifest anything for the life of you?

Perhaps you don't understand the language being used in the “industry”... like “hold space” “show up” “give yourself permission”....

Like WHAT? Don’t you just want actionable, real tools and exercises to tap into to help shift your mindset?

Well, you're in luck (and maybe just manifested reading this blog post on how to manifest!). I'm going to break down the steps to take to manifest what you DESIRE! Keep in mind, you're ALWAYS manifesting, so time to harness in on your skills so you can see positive shifts in your life. Ready? Let's get to it!


1 - BE SPECIFIC with your intentions but not LIMITED. Write this down or record in a voice note!

EXAMPLE: instead of "make more money" or "get a great job", write "make $5k OR BETTER a month" or "secure a spot in the X field on the X team in X area".⁣⁣
Try not to LIMIT yourself though - for example, don't laser focus on only ONE position at ONE company and not be open to other possibilities - they could be even better than what you imagined! And always put "or better" so you signal to the Universe that you're open to MORE!⁣⁣

Honestly, this is the MOST important one. When you become OBSESSED with the HOW and WHEN of your manifestation, trying to control every little detail, you are giving off MAJOR desperate/anxious/needy vibes. 

Do not give the Universe stalker vibes. When you try to control something, you become blind to other possibilities.  Relax and let it come to you in whatever way it's supposed to!⁣⁣

I say this ALL the time, but the Universe and manifestation is NOT a gameshow! You don't spin a wheel to see if you're getting hired at a company. Or "choose a vowel" to see if you'll meet your next love interest today. You have to take ALIGNED, INSPIRED action.⁣⁣
So if you want that job - are you refining your resume? Making connections? Reaching out? If you want to meet a partner, are you even leaving your house? I can assure you the love of your life isn't going to break into your house while you're watching the newest Netflix special to introduce themselves.⁣⁣ 

Action puts things and energy into motion, and manifesting is ALL about energy.


"HUH??? isn't that OPPOSITE of what I should do?!" I know you're thinking this, but no. 

This is the same concept as #2. Just pretend you sent in your order to the Universe, it's being prepped in a kitchen, and on its way to you soon. Relax... forget... and enjoy it when it comes out, plated and delicious and just for YOU to enjoy.⁣

So, to recap:

- Set a specific intention, but try not to limit yourself on ONE

- Don't try to control how it's going to happen - trust the Universe will work to bring it to life

- Take aligned, inspired action

- Relax, forget about it, and watch life unfold 

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