How To Do Alcohol-Free Holidays

Christmas and New Years…two of the BIGGEST holidays of the year, coming up in just a few weeks. EEP! We totally feel the excitement of it all. I mean getting to spend time with family and friends, having some much needed time off work, and having something other than Covid-19 to focus on is ALL the rage.

However, we know the holidays can add some extra stress and pressure for the alcohol-free community. Christmas is almost always an alcohol filled environment with the morning mimosas and all the beer and wine throughout the day. And then comes New Years Eve! The dreaded holiday for non-drinkers. Every party is filled with endless booze and not enough alternatives for those who want to take a break from it all. So…what can you do in these situations to put your mind at ease and get through the holiday season in one piece?!

I am here to tell you!

Step #1: Let people know you wont be drinking before the day comes to avoid all those ‘why’ questions! Speak your truth and tell loved ones and friends that you’re going to end the year on a healthy not-hung-over high note. No need to come up with elaborate excuses to avoid drinking, just simply say your peace and move on.

Step #2: Bring alternatives! This is KEY. Instead of sipping on water, try out some boozeless booze. We have so many great options in our bottle shop, you’re bound to find something you love! Spirits, wine, and beer…all without the nasty’s! This will level up your non-drinking game. If you come prepared, you’re protected from all the “here’s a glass!” and “oh, ill get you a drink” you may encounter. Plus, you’ll feel like your participating but really you’re just WINNNNINGGGG.

Step #3: If you’re driving, be the designated driver! This is one of my favorite things to do. Offer up a ride to your drunk friends and family and you’ll instantly be their favorite person and no questions asked! Done and dusted. You’re the real MVP.

Step #4: Stay busy! If you’re doing something throughout the day, like helping cook or indulging in a heated chess game with your nana, you have to be sharp and ready to rock n’ roll. Booze will only bring you down (and ruin your chess game). So stay active in some activities, it will be your best friend and support system.

Step #5: Have something planned for the next day. If you have a 6:00 a.m. acro-yoga class the next day, you can’t be hungover. That would totally throw off your aerial handstand game…or maybe you promised your bumble date you would watch the sunrise together. It doesn’t matter the plan, just have one. Plus, you can’t let your date down and reschedule for the third time. That would be a red flag.

If you follow these steps, you're one step closer to getting through the holiday season without the booze and the booze pressure. Just be yourself and do you. Whats the harm in that?