Picture this. You’re anxiously awaiting the annual office Christmas party because you know you’re going to have to mingle around and actually talk to your co-workers. Yikes! But, you don’t know what to talk to them about because now you’ve entered a ‘no-work-zone’…so you’re going around in circles in your head coming up with topics and questions to get through the night. All you can think of is, “Do you like cheeeese?” (sorry, had to throw a She’s The Man reference in there). Yeah, that’s not going to cut it.

So the obvious choice to get you out of your shell would be to have some a few drinks, and by few I mean A LOT. Everyone else probably is right? So naturally, you drink to avoid the social awkwardness that comes with sobering conversations and those dreaded awkward silences. BUT WHAT IF THERE WAS ANOTHER WAY! What if you could go to a social event and actually be sober social?! It might come as a surprise, but you don’t need the booze to be your best self. All you need is yourself and unwstd’s tips which I’m about to give you! You’re welcome.

Idea #1: Have a non-alcoholic drink in your hand or another beverage of your choice (anything except alcohol…and maybe milk..). This tactic may appear as if you’re drinking to avoid all those ‘why’ questions we hate, and it takes care of the ‘where do my hands go’ problem. A win win! If you’re already comfortable with telling people you don’t drink, then just hold some water or a piece of cake. Holding something can actually be a strange form of comfort.

Idea #2: Talk to people you don’t know with people you already know. It’s a lot easier to get to know someone when an introduction can be made from a friend or co-worker you’re closer too. If they know someone you don’t, have them introduce you! You might just hit it off. Plus, they can help carry the conversation which can be crucial.

Idea #3: If there are activities at the event, DO THEM! Offer to take pictures at the event, play in the ping pong tournament, or help out with the food. Whatever you can do to keep busy is a great idea to aid the social anxiety you may have. This is also a great way to mingle with people over the common activity you’re doing.

Idea #4: Be yourself and just have fun! Don’t stress too much about all the ‘what-ifs’ when going to a social event. Remind yourself that it’s just for a short time and you will be glad you went when its over. You don’t need liquid courage to do anything! Plus, you’ll be most envied one there by the end of the event...totally sober, how amazing! And you’ll remember everything that happened the next day.

Now that we’ve given you some ideas to run with, go be social and leave the anxiety at home. You’ll be amazed that you can get through anything you set your mind too…all without the booze. Woohoo!