How Exercise Improves Mental Health

You may or may not already know this but exercise can positively improve mental health…and if you’re someone who struggles with mental health and are passionate about improving it, you more than likely implement exercise into your daily routine. Good on you, #winning! However, there are those who struggle with mental health and don’t even realize just how good exercise is for your mind.

We honestly get it though….going to the gym or getting outside and working out can be pretty far down on the priority list, especially when life is coming at you from every angle. HAVE NO FEAR, HELP IS HERE! There are so many ways to make exercise an easy priority and something you will actually enjoy doing! How crazy?!

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So what does exercise actually do for those on the mental health struggle bus? We are here to tell you.


    Exercise gives you those feel good endoooorrrrpppphhhinnssss and who doesn’t want that? Endorphins are little hormones that give you energy, extra happiness, and make you smile. Even a short walk, a 25 minute gym session, or an ocean swim will have you wanting more once you’re done. And when you feel good, you’re ready to conquer the day!


    Since the beginning of time, our bodies were made to MOVE! Thats right, we can’t just sit still all the time…we need to be active because our brains are scientifically wired that way! Do you ever feel sluggish and sad when you haven’t been physically active? THIS IS WHY! So get your boogie on, do some stretching, or take that trapeze class you’ve been dying to try.


    Being active increases your blood flow to the brain…don’t worry we’ll explain this so you can tell all your friends. When you have increased brain flow in the brain, it clears all the stress hormones and that releases dopamine, the happy non-drug drug! We all want that. When you don’t have as much stress, you sleep better and have increased motivation which then leads you to want to be more active! See the connection?! It’s pretty much the active circle of life.


Another awesome thing about exercise is that it stimulates your nervous system! What does that even mean? Well, basically all our movements are controlled by our nerves, those little things that make up so much of who we are. When the nervous system gets excited and is stimulated the result is PHYSICAL FOCUS (lets get physical, physicallllll. ya know that song?) which makes us want to get active. When we are active, we increase our neural connections which causes growth of new brain cells. The easy way to remember this is a happy body = a happy brain!


Now for a little wooohoooo. Stay with me now. We as humans are our own vibrational beings and even our brains have all these different vibrational waves (alpha, gamma, beta etc.). We need to be vibrating at a high frequency to feel like our best selves, and a high vibrational frequency gives us more energy. With more energy, we can pump some iron or enjoy a nice bike ride. The alternative is vibrating at a low frequency, and that means we are kinda miserable and we don’t have any energy. We all experience both highs and lows, but having a good exercise routine will keep you vibrating high!

Now that you know why exercise is so important for your mind and mental health, it’s time to put down your phone and get started on that feel good routine! Try implementing exercise 3 days a week to start, and then work your way up to 5-6 days a week (at this stage, you’re probably addicted to those endorphins). Your body and MIND will thank you for it and you’ll start seeing some amazing results.


Happy exercising!


The unwstd. Fam