Going Through The Holidays Alcohol Free (Panel Discussion)

The Holidays can be a beautiful time to spend around loved ones. Equally, being around family can create stress and cause some past trauma to resurface.Maybe if you are fresh on the sobriety train or wanting to cut back your drinking you wonder if it will be a difficult time of year for you. You are not alone & you are strong and bad a$$ for making this choice for yourself.  We are here to support you and talk you through some of our experiences and tips for getting through the holidays with confidence. We are also all opening our dms up to you if you need anything - your alc free family is always here.  With love xoxo unwstd. 
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Toga: @the_sober_climb 
Saratoga (they/she) is a non-binary author, rock climber, and sober activist.
Cynthia @gettingyourishtogether is a writer, diversity and recovery advocate with a podcast! She lives in Brooklyn, NY
Kevin Bellack: @thesoberginger 
Kevin is an alcohol-free accountant sharing his story hoping to encourage others to do the same.
Beth Bowen: @bethbowen_
Beth is social worker, writer, and mom living in Austin, TX.