Gloria Cajio

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Hi, my name is Gloria and I am 100 days sober!

My drinking career started when I was 12 years old. I was a city girl and thought I knew everything. What I didn’t know is that alcohol would consume my life for the next 28 years. I never drank to be cute, I always drank to catch a "buzz". I knew this from my very first drink. Alcohol became the only way I knew how to have fun. The occasional house party drinking turned into binge drinking on the weekends. I had a fake ID at 17 and would spend every weekend at the bar or club. I continued to do this into my early twenties.

By 24, I was a married and a mom of two. I was now a “lady” and drank wine on playdates with other mommies. I filled my tumbler with Merlot and packed healthy snacks for my kids. Looking back, I always surrounded myself with other moms who drank so that I would not be judged. I totally got sucked into the mommy wine culture. I kept this going for the next 16 years. When my kids got older playdates stopped and happy hour started for me. Happy hour turned into drinking several bottles of wine at home alone most days of the week.

To most people my life looked perfect. Happily married, mom of two amazing teens, involved in my community and a great job. I made sure to keep this persona going but I was hurting the most important people in my life. My husband grew tired and my kids got upset with continued broken promises. I would straighten up for a few days and then have that celebratory bottle of wine all by myself. I lived a vicious cycle of shame, fear and anxiety.

In late June of this year I drank heavily for about a week trying to catch that perfect "buzz". I cleaned up shop on my last night, I drank it all until I passed out. I woke up on June 23rd and I just couldn't. I was hopeless, desperate and scared. I laid in bed for a week with the worst hangover of my life. I made a promise to myself to quit drinking and I didn't tell anyone. I got through my first few days before my husband noticed a change. Then a couple of weeks and my kids started to catch on.

Now I am in my third month!! I have surrounded myself with other sober women of different ages and ethnicities. I am full of gratitude for finding sober social media. I couldn’t have done this alone! Not everyone has a rock bottom but regardless of your age everyone has a day one! If you are reading this I wish you only the best on your sober journey!!

XoXo- @sobergirl_glo