Lets be real - podcasts are seriously on trend right now! And I mean, can you blame everyone for wanting to listen to them repeatedly? Whether you are commuting to work, at the gym, or tuning out the world around you, a good podcast is what you need. There’s so many to choose from, covering almost any topic you can think of, so here at unwstd. we get the HYPE…that’s why we wanted to share our top five on the topic of mental health and wellness. You’re going to want to stop what you’re doing right now and have a listen to these or download them for later. We promise you wont regret it.

So, here they are!

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1. The Rise & Conquer Podcast by Georgie Stevenson

If you want an honest, relatable, down-to-earth chat on all things manifestation, goal setting, and conquering life, this podcast is for you! Rise & Conquer is funny, quirky, and pure sunshine. You will feel like a breath of fresh air listening to her, plus, she’s got a super cool nutrition brand called Naked Harvest. It’s the ! We bet you’ll want to be like Georgie after a listen or two.

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2. The KIC (Keep It Cleaner) Pod by Steph Claire Smith & Laura Henshaw

Honestly, the KIC Pod is where it’s at! Steph and Laura, owners of Keep It Cleaner, discuss everything under the sun - from relationships and mental health struggles to exercise and diet including yummy healthy recipes. The KIC Pod will have you laughing and crying, probably at the same time! It’s really all the feels.

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3. Mr. Feels by Tyler May and Laura Benson

For all you science nerds out there (just kidding - we think science is awesome too), you will get a kick out Mr. Feels. Tyler and Laura discuss all different types of mental illnesses and explain them from a scientific perspective, which is pretty incredible learning how the brain works and why mental health illnesses are even a thing! It’s like playing detective with your mind and we’re all about that!

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4. Radio Headspace by Headspace

Do you even Headspace?! It’s probably one of the best resources for meditation, sleep, and anxiety relief, not to mention one of the most downloaded apps in the world! Radio Headspace is a mini version of the app, when you don’t have much time. It will give you short, 5-10 minute long discussions on everything mental health and lifestyle wellness. You will want this while you’re stuck in traffic, pushing through the last kilometer of your never ending run, or when your day is just going to sh!t. You can thank us later.

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5. The Party in My Plants Podcast with Talia Pollock

Calling all matcha-loving, yoga-practicing, trendy-foodies! This one’s for you. Talia is awesome, giving you a show that makes being healthy not suck! She covers every topic you can think of including digestion, intuitive eating, and looking and feeling your absolute best. She even has a segment on cohabiting with unhealthy people and how to cope, Who knew? But, we love to see it! Sign me up, Talia.

There’s so many podcasts out there, it’s hard to choose just five. So whether you choose to listen to these or go for different ones, we just want you to do you and take care of yourself and your mind!

Ready, set, PODCAST!


Yours truly,

The unwstd. Fam