Female Empowerment Tips

female empowerment tips with anagha ahire.png

with Anagha Ahire

1) Get to know yourself. Spend time on & get comfortable with your solitude to truly understand yourself. Are you doing things just to keep yourself busy or are you actually investing time and energy into things that bring you peace and empowerment?

2) Be CONFIDENT. Believe in yourself as you cannot please everyone & use this as motivation to be the best possible version of yourself. People treat you the way you project and treat yourself. Think about and understand what DRIVES you. Use that passion to fuel your confidence. 

3) Stop comparing. Other women are NOT your competition nor do their accomplishments hinder your journey - the only competition is with your past self. There is enough room to celebrate EVERYONES wins and work towards your own goals at the same time.

4) Hold yourself accountable - it's easy to confuse confidence with ego & selfishness. Nobody is perfect, acknowledge when you let ego take over & find healthy ways to channel it without letting it flow over negatively. Empowerment does not come from perfection, but rather from self-awareness, accountability, & dedication to being a better you.

5) Surround yourself with empowering people - Confidence can come off intimidating to people who are not at the same level as you. Ignore/remove these people & allow genuine, supportive people into your life. Your circle may get smaller, but your relationships WILL get richer.

6) Establish boundaries. Prioritizing yourself & retracting energy from people & situations that no longer serve you does NOT make you selfish. Set high standards for all the relationships in your life - be selective & as picky as you want. Only the people meant for you will be able to respect your boundaries & reciprocate the right energy. Keep in mind that while it is nice to explain yourself, you do not owe anyone constant explanations & no one is entitled to your time/energy. 

7) Use your confidence to uplift & help others find their light. Confidence isn't only about you, but how your reflection impacts & empowers others.Understand that ego and confidence are DIFFERENT and confidence doesn't stem from others but rather from how you feel about yourself. Love yourself so much that it inspires & empowers others.