Clean Beauty Tips with Jazmin Aimie

clean beauty tips with jazmin amie

  1. Clean your makeup Brushes 

    A build up of product and oils hold bacteria and can cause acne and breakouts. Make sure you are cleaning your brushes once a week with a gentle shampoo. Once they are washed lay them  flat with the brush head hanging over the surface, this is so the air can circulate the whole brush head. Ready for a flawless application 


  2. (EDCs) Synthetic chemicals to look out for and avoid. 






    •Diosodium ethylenediamine 



  3. DIY easy edible hair mask (for dry hair) 

    1 ripe banana + 1 tablespoon coconut oil. 

    Mash Ingredients together in a small bowl then apply mixture evenly massaging from roots to tips. 

    Leave for 15-20 mins then rinse out with warm water. Smells amazing, tastes yummy, natural and chemical free. Leaving your hair hydrated and super shiny 


  4. Check shelf life of your makeup products 

    Check your products for any separation or if they start to smell a little funky. The general guideline for makeup products are ... 

    • 3 months - liquid eyeliners and mascaras 

    • 1 year - foundations, concealers, lip liners, lip stick and lip glosses 

    • 2 years - pressed compacts and mist powder based products 


    My top 5 cruelty free makeup brands 

    • bareminerals 

    • fenty beauty

    • tarte

    • hourglass 

    • Charlotte tilbury 


    My top 5 organic makeup brands 

    • nudebynature 

    • eyeofhorus

    • rmsbeauty 

    • inika

    • KORAorganics 


  5. Add hyaluronic acid to your skin routine. 

    It’s a natural fluid that surrounds our joints and is found in skin tissue. Ageing can slow down the production, so it’s often supplemented as an anti ageing treatment. 

    It can hold up to 1,000 times it’s molecular weight in water and can be applied topically to hydrate the skin. 

    I use THE ORDINARY 2% - it’s vegan and only $12.90 


  6. Beauty hack!

    No eyebrow gel? 

    Wet a clean spoolie, rub it onto your favourite organic bar of soap then comb your brows into place. 

    Trust me. They won’t move all day 


  7. Certified logos to lookout for 

    • CCF - Choose cruelty free 

    • PETA- People for the ethical treatment of animals 

    • LEAPING BUNNY- Free of all animal testing 


  8. Self love 

    Be confident. Fall in Love with your authenticity, there is nothing more beautiful than the natural glow of a women who loves every inch of her body