Alcohol-Free Instagram Accounts To Follow

One of my new years resolutions this year has been to clean up my newsfeed on Instagram. By that, I mean get rid or unfollow anything or anyone that doesn't serve me anymore, leave behind accounts that don't make me feel good, and just CLEAN. IT. UP. You know what I'm saying?! New year, new Instagram home page. I can't deny that I don't scroll through Instagram on the daily (probably way too much) so why would I want the things I'm seeing to be anything other than positive and inspirational?? 

So, off I went, on an 'unfollowing' spree. A purge, if you will...and it felt GOOD! Goodbye unserving and negative Instagram accounts, HELLO to my whole new Instagram feel good feed. Included in my brand new aesthetic are some of my favorite accounts that exemplify my hobbies, interests, and values. Let me tell you about it...

So far I know I like: exercising, meditation, sappy quotes, not drinking, and home decor. Things I don't like: 'influencers,' pyramid schemes, non-realistic goals,  nd party people. 

I wanted to share some of the alcohol free accounts that I find the most inspiring and the most relatable. You don't have to be sober, you don't even have to be alcohol-free to follow these pages. They are just positive bada$$ accounts that make you feel good and kinda want to never drink again (that's just me! others might want to step back from their drinking habits...who knows!). Okay, are you ready? Here are my top four:

1. 1000hoursdry - this account is packed with great info on physical and mental health in relation to alcohol, alcohol-free drinks to try, and success stories about giving up drinking. You can always find something interesting!

Find them on Instagram here.

2. sobergirlsociety - this account is FUN. It's vibrant, loud and proud! It genuinely makes me happy every time I see a new post because it just makes you want to celebrate...and why shouldn't we?!

Find them on Instagram here.

3. soberotter - Okay, this account bio says it all..."Writing about being boozeless in an ethanol soaked world⁣." Um, we feel that and admire the courage to do so. Thats reason enough to smash that follow button.

Find them on Instagram here.

4. theretiredpartygirl - This account is one of my favorites to follow because it takes the confusing and sometimes ugly reality of giving up drinking and makes it trendy af. Its a feminine, feel good account that will have you going for the boozeless drinks in no time!

Find them on Instagram here.

Okay, there you have it! My top four alcohol-free Instagram accounts to follow. There are so many to choose from but if I had to choose, these top my list.