5 Affirmations to Live By

I think as humans we get so caught up in routines and norms that it can often lead us to forget the simpleness of life and existing. Living with mental health issues has essentially forced me to explore ways to encourage myself through self-doubt and difficult situations. In 2020, I’ve learnt a lot about myself. Things that have happened this year have truly shifted the way I think about myself, my experiences and how I perceive the world around me.

The use of affirmations and quotes is a topic that I feel is close to my heart. I have collected quotes and affirmations since I was child, so I had a long list. I’ve picked the best that really encouraged me and were helpful reminders through difficult times. 

This affirmation is great for reminding yourself that you don’t have to be striving in different aspects of your life, whether it be financially or academically, to be worthy of love and happiness. I think that ‘hustle mentality’ that has become so popular makes a lot of people think they’re not good enough, but honestly, we’re all just people sharing the same space. Life’s not a race. You’re enough just as you are!

Ever scrolled on socials and thought, “Why are all these people more successful, smarter or better looking than I am?” First of all, it’s just IG. People predominantly post their best days or their best selfies. Secondly, you don’t know what’s going on in their life. They might feel insecure and may need the attention to validate themselves, or they may be going through something and post on social media to feel better.

You never really know another person’s experiences and emotions, so don’t assume things. We’re all on a different journey!

When I’m stuck between a rock and hard place, I always remind myself that there were moments in the past that I thought I would never get through, but I did. This affirmation is a small reminder of strength and resilience.

I remember seeing this in a book when I visited family in the Philippines in 2008. 10-year-old me was mind-blown! It’s common for people to worry about things because it may seem like we’re doing something but in reality, it only drains your energy and stops you from actually helping in the situation.

This one relates to many situations. Social circles, dating, job interviews, social media, etc. When I was job searching earlier this year, I used to feel so hurt when I didn’t get contacted after an interview or I felt there was no connection with the interviewer. Then I saw this affirmation, and it clicked in my brain. Not everyone can resonate with you. Everyone is different! That’s why we weren’t friends with every single kid in high school. Just because someone isn’t super friendly with you, it doesn’t mean it’s disapproval or rejection of who you are.

And if you ever do feel rejection, it’s just a redirection to something better.