Being Sober Curious in 2021

Throughout 2020 everyone struggled with the pandemic and isolation. A lot of people increased their intake of alcohol but my family and I, especially in the second lockdown, came to think ‘What’s the point?’ This was stemmed off of my Dad entering into the high risk category for Coronavirus, due to his heart problems. This was a really big shock to my family, and one of the requirements to prevent further problems is to stop drinking. My family is always very supportive of each other and we decided this new year we would all limit our drinking, for my Dad, as well as to better our mental and physical health in 2021. 

Since I started working with the unwstd. team I have considered going completely sober, but I am starting with being sober curious by limiting my alcohol. It has been a week and I already feel less anxious, happier, healthier, fulfilled, and more connected to my friends and family. I thought it would be hard in social situations, but it is actually more fulfilling than being drunk. I also thought I would be judged, but my true friends have accepted and encouraged this decision I made. The same with my family, as they have cut back too and my Dad has gone completely sober. 

I have suffered from anxiety in the past, and through isolation I have suffered with it again. I tried going for walks, seeing friends, working, and studying, but I had not tried limiting my alcohol intake before. Having anxiety is horrible as you overthink every single thing you do. I would not wish it upon anyone. I am hoping this life shift helps and I believe it truly will. 

I am very excited for 2021 and what this new journey has in store for me. 2021 is about improving myself and putting myself first. Improving my mental health in particular is a crucial element to making me the best person I can be.